What is xbt.me?

This site shows you Bitcoin price in various currencies

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What is xbt/btc?

xbt or btc is the unit of Bitcoin. People often says 1 btc, 1 bitcoin, or 1 xbt.

xbt is the official international currency abbreviation. 'X' in the front means this is not a currency issued by a country.

btc is the most commonly used abbreviation for Bitcoin before people adopt the official currency abbreviation of xbt.


More info about xbt can be found at bitcoin.org.


Where can I buy Bitcoins?
Bitcoin can be bought at various exchanges, such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Kraken, Gemini.

Why is price different on different exchanges?
Different exchanges have different selling/buying pressure. Some exchanges may also have issues withdrawing or depositing funds, causing prices to become higher or lower than the other exchanges.

What is the prices shown on xbt.me?
The price is an average price of several different exchanges, weighted by volume.

Where can I download wallet softwares?
You may download them at bitcoin.org. Most of the wallet softwares are free. Make sure you are not looking at a phishing site before downloading.